-ECONOMY: Minimum maintenance

-CLEANING: All the surfaces are removable and accessible

-HIGH PERFORMANCE: Efficiency and simplicity in a single movement of cut, guarantees an excellent finished product.

-EASY FOR HANDLING it obtains constant and uniform production volumes.

-Cones design allows to easily portion the bird

-It gets fixed, so the operators can make a precise, high performance cutting



The portioning belt systems are basically formed by a mechanism tensor, a metallic structure that houses the sanitary band, two chain transporters and the commands that move all the machinery.

The metallic structure this formed by a folded plate body, whose profile responds to the specific tape model, supported with four height adjustable legs, all constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel.

On each side of the conveyor belt are the chain transporters which take mounted truncated nylon cones for portioning of the birds.

At one end of the structure is mounted the tensor mechanism, at the other extreme is the driving command which consists of a motor and reducer of dimensions according with the capacity of the belt.


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