-ECONOMY, being a static machine

-SECURITY, by its electrical teflon shield, the equipment offers the maximum protection.

-EFFICIENCY: it simplifies the work of the killer, or gets the poultry ready for an automatic killer machine, resulting in perfect bleeding

-QUALITY you can trust: design and construction by INDUMETAVI



The Waterbath Stunner is a main element in poultry processing, it has a big influence on the quality of the end products.

This Stunner has variable regulation of tension and frequency, to guarantee an optimum stunning effect. The equipment consists of a tray with electrical isolation and a supporting structure, both constructed completely in stainless steel AISI 304.

The tray can control the level of the solution, while the supporting structure allows a fine height regulation. Inside this tray is a saline solution, which produces the electrical shock to the poultry in process.

This saline solution is crossed by an electrical current provided by a transformer with adjustable intensity, guarantees an optimum stunning effect.


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