-Security in the downloading

-Reduction in the breakage of Cages

-Reduction of Hematomas and Breakings



This equipment was developed with the aim of eliminating the effort of the man to carry out this task, but it has also proved to be very useful by increasing durability of the cages and improving the output of chicken, avoiding, hematomas and breakings.

The system is very simple and effective, with a robust construction easily adaptable to any download platform. Its speed depends on the amount of cages per hour that are going to be handled, regulated to desired output for each case.

The cages are supported on the downloader, stacked 6, 7 or 8, depending how they come off the truck. Once placed on it, are handled by one by an operator placing them on a transporter to chain or roller, addressing cages to the area hug bird.

Power: 1,5HP x 1500rpm


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