-GREAT ADAPTABILITY to different bird sizes

-EXCELLENT QUIALITY in the finished product





Indumetavi´s Picker consist of two movable bodies, which runs by means of nylon wheels through a fixed structure.

This movement is controlled by a system of levers which defines the distance between the movable bodies.

Over the bodies are mounted the picker banks. Its amount depends on each picker model. These banks allow a fine height regulation by means of spiral rod. Its structure consist of a folded steel plate inside which are mounted all the picker disks.

The picker discs are built in aluminum smelter, and the rubber fingers model J11 are inserted into them. These disks are supported by an axis in whose another end it has mounted a pulley which receives the movement, transmitted by a strap, from a motor of 3HP x 1500 rpm (one motor for each picker bank).

The structure guides, previously mentioned, is completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel and offers full height regulation by means of a pin mechanism.


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