INDUMETAVI S.R.L., is an Argentinian company dedicated to the design, production and comercialization of equipment and machinery for all the processing stages of the poultry industry; with more than 40 years in the market guaranteed by the personalized service and customer care offering, besides the machinery, full advice for the construction and start up of a high technology poultry processing industry with the posibility of enlarging the instalations and production.


Design, construction and instalation of poultry proccesing machinery, ensuring the quality of the product attained thanks to the deep knowledge of the poultry industry.
We detect the specific need of each proyect accompanying it from its start, progress and start up; joining with the initiative and success of our customer.


Consolidate the growing and positioning of a competitive industry in the international market. Combining quality, efficiency and enviromentally friendly technologies.


We are known for the meticulous work, adapting ourselves to the customer needs.
High profesional quality in all the staff thanks to a team operation with common goals and integrated to the pultry family.

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